Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ayaanologies and Amanisms

They are growing up too fast. Way too fast. Baby talk is changing into proper words and long winding sentences. Nappies are giving way to underwear. Days, weeks and months are colliding into each other and  then whooshing past collectively. And in all this mayhem, my biggest fear is that I'll forget the sweet little things my little monkeys used to say. Because each child has their own language growing up, don't they?? Figuring out a language when they are also in the midst of figuring out how caterpillars crawl and how planes manage to fly so high and how sand is so much better to play with when it's wet.

So before it all becomes a distant memory, here are some favourites that have brought a lot of smiles and giggles and still do:

Ayaanologies (while he was between 2-3 years old):
Gummlegup = Bubblegum
Eshna Dishna = Air Conditioner
Goggy = Doggy
Lellow = Yellow

Amanisms (Since the past year to present)
Sockolate = Chocolate
Zoke = Joke
Bizaffe = Giraffe
Becember = December
Beserve = Deserve
Purvise = Surprise
Foos = Shoes
Than Thoo - Thank You

One day in the very near future, they will be speaking perfectly. Their pronunciation will be beautiful and grammar flawless. Their vocabulary will be, hopefully, far larger than mine.

But on days like that I will miss conversations like these:

Ayaan :  Is your best friend Zamie?? (teasing him about not being able to pronounce Jamie)
Aman: It's not Zamie, it's (with a pause and a concentrated effort on getting it right)....ZAMIE!!
Ayaan : HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! He said Zamie!!!!
Aman: AYAAN!!!! Don't zoke with me otherwise I will hit you with my foos and you will beserve it!!!!
Ayaan: OK, OK, I won't. Now do you want to share my gummlegup lollipop with me?