Monday, February 21, 2011

the things kids say and do - part deux!

...and i'm back! i knew it wouldnt be too long before the kids entertained me enough for me to update the blog and in turn entertain you guys out there!

1. it was saturday morning and instead of my monday to friday alarm going off at 5:45am, my human alarm, a.k.a aman went off at precisely 5:45 am!! with my eyes still closed, i made my way into his room, picked him up from his cot and brought him back into my bed. then i put him down in the middle of the bed and said to him in a hushed yet firm whisper, "now go to sleep, it's still very early!" he managed to last in complete silence up until 5:48am, then climbed on top of me so that his nose was pressed up against mine and his eyes were looking directly upon my eyes. when i finally, grudgingly, opened my eyes, he was looking right down at me, smiling his brightest smile, and said, "good morning mummy! wakey, wakey!! did you sleep well?" yep, it's no fun waking up at that unearthly hour on a saturday morning, but since i dont have a choice, there's no other alarm in the world i'd rather have!! :)

2. on the weekend, we took the kids to a restaurant for a meal. the waitress came to our table with our order and put my plate in front of me. before i could say anything, ayaan piped in, "now mummy, what are you supposed to say?" much to the amusement of the waitress, i looked up at her and said, "thank you." "good girl, mummy!" said ayaan. "that was very polite of you. i'm very proud of you for your manners!!" have i been well trained or what?

3. ayaan came to me just today and said, "today, in school, valeria PUSHED me on the floor and i bumped my head and i SMACKED valeria back!" in total horror, i said, "oh dear! then what happened?" "then mrs.donaldson put us both on the bench and told us to think about what we were doing." "and did you think?" i asked. "yes. and while we were thinking, valeria PUSHED me again and i SMACKED her again!" well, i only have one thing to say - suddenly my job of being a full time mum to two boys seems like a bed of roses compared to poor mrs.donaldson who has twenty energetic 4 year olds to deal with on a daily basis!

4. while at the animal farm, aman says to the sheep that he is feeding, "eat your food, sheep. see? i TOLD you it was yummy!" and the sheep nodded it's wooly head and continued to be force fed by my enthusiastic two year old.

5. on the saturday that aman woke up early, ayaan came into bed to snuggle in with us too. not being able to stay still or be quiet for too long, he asked me,"mummy, can i tell you a story?" stalling for time, so that they didnt ask me to get out of bed and give them breakfast, i agreed. and i will now re-tell you the story that he told me word for word. i SWEAR i did not  make this up  by myself. here it is:
quote ayaan -one day there was a boy and a girl and they lived with their mummy who was called "cracked" and their daddy who was called "bun". and one day the mummy decided to go far, far away to bombay and she did not take the children or the daddy with them. so the daddy told the children, "dont worry, i will take you for an adventure." so the daddy took them for an adventure to the beach, and they played and played and played and had lots of  fun. but SUDDENLY, they got lost and went into a cave and the cave shut down and  they were stuck in the cave and couldnt come out so they shouted for help but no-one could hear them. so then they shouted again VERY LOUDLY and then the mummy heard them in bombay. so she quickly came back and said, "dont worry children and daddy, i will save you!!!" and then she took a stick and started hitting the cave VERY HARD until the cave broke and children and the daddy were saved. and then they all lived happily ever after. and that was the end of the story - unquote.
well, i cannot but resist adding a moral to this story:
the mummy, no matter how "cracked" can always save the family, no matter how crazy the situation!!!

and on that note, part deux comes to an end. and we are still living happily ever after. until the third installment of entertainment/craziness, au revoir!


  1. awesome..... keep them coming.... kids have a very imaginative mind...its amazing how they can think and make up such sweet innocent stories in their head...- Arati

  2. lol...u are forever renamed as the cracked mommie by me !!

  3. See, I told you that you should be writing!

  4. I'm so glad you're doing this! Still wiping my tears from laughing over ayaan's story!